About Lures-N-Lace

What's in a name?
Lures-N-Lace isn't just a brand for the Brasher family, it is a lifestyle. For the Brashers Lures-N-Lace is the story of their family!  
The Lure of Lures-N-Lace is Chris, Mandy's husband.  Chris is a professional angler on the Fishing League Worldwide Tour and full time fishing guide.
Mandy is the Lace.  The southern girl who loves all things girlie and frilly. Her mottos include "the bigger the bow the closer to Jesus," and "if you wear it or carry it, MONOGRAM it!" 
These two come together to form the perfect match of Lures-N-Lace. 
In 2016, Chris and Mandy welcomed their Rainbow Baby, Brooklyn Jo, to their family of four. This brought about Mandy's love for unique personalized baby clothing.
After searching for unique items and coming up short, Mandy bought a silhouette and starting making Brooklyn's personalized clothing herself. They always made a statement wherever they went, and Lures-N-Lace was born. 
Lures-N-Lace may have been born with Brooklyn Jo, but the creative gene runs deep in Mandy's veins. Mandy's grandfather was a world known artist and his creativity has been passed down through his children and grandchildren.
When he passed away, Mandy moved into his house and his spirit awakened her creative genes. His art office will soon be LNL Headquarters. Mandy's goal for Lures-N-Lace is to continue to provide amazing unique products within a family like atmosphere. 
This is the family whose dreams you make come true every day with your support. Chris, Mandy, Hunter (on the left), Brooklyn (center of attention for sure) and Kenzie (on the right). 
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